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This has been bothering me for a while and i thought we could use a break from the trade talks.


I really would rather have the 03 and 04 AGON because his hits meant more, you need some power from your number 8 hitter because he is usually not hitting with many men on. singles from him are close to useless, all it does is bring the pitcher up so he wont lead off the next inning.


i like the .280 average but it doesnt mean crap if he's not drving in runs or scoring runs. remember also that not many people will be driving him in with the pitcher and weak hitting lead off hitter in line for thr RBI.


so vote and tell me what you think

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How about the .280 + average with the power mixed in? Wouldnt that be great? It's funny this year, I told some buddies of mine "Man if Gonzo could hit for average, he would be a 4th member of our 2005 30+ HR and 100+ RBI club", with him, Delgado, Lowell, and Cabs...I am going to quit making pre-season assumptions.

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yeah, but we cant have both b/c he hasn't shown both at the same time.....just one or the other


this is really close, i'm surprise, i was sure most people would go for the power


again, what is the reasoning for taking the empty .280?? i just dont see a logical reason to why it is better than his power numbers of the past

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