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Guns N Roses


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Guest Juanky

I've always considered them as more rock and roll than metal.


They belong on a greatest band list, but if we're getting genre specific to metal I think the answer is no.

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The Hard Rock/Heavy Metal classification has always been a controversial one (who's "heavy" enough; who isn't). Whatever your personal feeling, you simply can't ignore the fact that all these musical institutions considered them a Metal act:



In the golden era of 80's heavy metal (c. 1987-89), not only were they promoted as a Metal outfit -- they were widely considered THE best Heavy Metal band of the time;


VH1's Rock Star Encyclopedia describes them as "uniquely matching their vision of punk nihilism with traditional heavy metal";


They were the darlings of MTV's "Headbanger's Ball", an "all Metal" show;


Won the American Music Awards for Best Heavy Metal artist, album and single in 1989 and 1990;


Picked the Best Heavy Metal Band of 1989 by Rolling Stone;


Toured with countless metal acts, including (but not limited to) Iron Maiden, M?tley Cr?e, The Cult (another great band that no one mentioned), Megadeth, and Metallica;


All that added to the fact that I was in high school at the time, and every metal-loving kid there swore by them...



Based on all these sources, and my own personal experience during that era, I vote YES.

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