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The infamous IBM Deathstar


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I was one of the lucky people that had a 75GXP work for more than 3 years without any problems whatsoever....


Well, my luck ran out 2 days ago.


My system was crawling along the night before, and when I tried to boot up in the morning, all I heard where a bunch of clicks coming from the drive. :(


Anyone else have one of these drives? Apparently there's a class action lawsuit against IBM on behalf of all GXP failure victims, with the compensation being a cool hundred bucks.


Here's some background on the drives...



And the class action site...


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Yep I have one. It last 2 years then died so I RMAd it and I have used the refurbished one I got back for about 2 years. I got another Western Digital 120 gb that I store all my good data on but I have my OS on the Deathstar. So if it dies I dont lose anything important. By far the worst harddrive ever made.

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