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Lack of coverage for the Marlins

The "real" FAN

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I sent an e-mail to one of the station down here about the lack of attention the Marlins are getting this was there response.




We're damned if we do, and damned if we don't. No choice we make will satisfy everyone, but even the Marlins will admit that in football season (which with the Hall of Fame Gwme, is now here) the Dolphins out-draw them. What do viewers think about the decision? Well, yours is exactly the second complaint I've recieved in two weeks that we're under-covering the Marlins. Trust me, unhappy people e-mail at the drop of a hat. This leads me to believe that we're giving the majority of our viewers what they want to see.


If the Marlins heat up and are in the playoff hunt...they'll get more attention no matter what the Fins are doing. Right now, they're two and a half games out of the wildcard, three major injuries, and the jury's still way out about their chances for post season. If they heat up, so will the coverage.


is this true are we happy we the coverage the Marlins get?

that's pretty lame


well here's there e-mail if anybody wants to voice there opinion



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You e-mailed WFOR why? WFOR holds a contract to cover the Dolphins in Miami during the preseason and regular season with expanded local coverage. WFOR holds no such contract with the Marlins. In fact, no station in Miami does. If you want Marlins coverage, FSN Florida is the place to go. Now if you want to bitch at WQAM that is one thing, but no local news department in Miami has access to anything but what the Marlins give them. All they can do is show highlights, give some Marlins news, and then move on to the next thing.

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BTW, here is the likely script for WFOR's Marlins highlights today:




Any CBS affiliate which wishes to air the highlights (including WINK here in Fort Myers) will likely use the same script.




Here is the script NBC6 and any other NBC affiliate who airs the Marlins highlights will likely use: http://newschannel.nbc.com/NASApp/nbcnews/...824&timeFrame=1




For in-depth coverage of the Marlins on TV, check out this page for the showtimes:


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