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TO's Contract


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I don't see what is wrong with these athletes. Latrell Sprewell being mad about only making $8 or 9 million a year, saying he had to feed his family. And now TO, who is making close to $12 million a year(correct me if I am wrong), and he is mad saying that is a great injustice. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SPEND THE EXTRA 2 OR 3 MILLION ON? More jewelry? A new ride(or 200)? Stuff that is complete nonsense for any normal person to want, yet since you got the money you might as well blow it on something right? I'm the same way TO, when I got a few extra bucks, I buy a CD or a #2 meal with a route 44 cherry coke at Sonic(if I am lucky). This insane greed just really irritates me, because there is no way these guys will spend this money in their lifetimes. You signed the contract TO, they got to the SuperBowl without you, and now you are causing more and more discontent in your locker room, and that alone makes you not worth an extra 2 or 3 million, not that you need it anyway. Rosenhaus is the biggest slime in all of pro football, saying that the high $$ contract TO signed before the season is unfair. People live off of $45k jobs every year, I am sure you can live off of $12 million. So just shut up, do your damn job, and be happy with the money you are recieving because it is more than enough.

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