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Lowell won't be benched...


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Even though we all want to see Hermida start tonight's game, I guarantee you that he won't start tonight and Crappy Lowell will be at 3rd base. They are gonna do the same thing they did with Dillon and Willy, just keep the benches warm. :thumbdown




They wont keep Hermida on the bench. Jeremy has much more natural talent than both Dillon and Willingham. He will play.

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Sadly I think you're right. Jack has his boys and will play them. But he also put Hermida in a classic dramatic situation to debut and the kid succeeded. There have been very few players who have come in and performed the miracle Jack has asked of them in their first trial, and all of those players were awarded with future playing time. You really can't draw anything from the substitution in his next at bat without knowing how Jack was viewing his team's chances to win at the time.

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