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D-Train talk on ATH and PTI


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Buy or sell Carpenter being the Cy Young:


Adande: SELL, D-Train had more wins, lower ERA, more shutouts, and Carpenter had that horrible stretch of 21 innings in September where he gave up 22 earned runs.


Woody: SELL, the Marlins without D-Train are bottom feeders, the Cardinals without Carpenter still would have made the playoffs. D-Train had more wins and a lower ERA, those stats are more important than anything else.


Michael Smith: SELL, Clemens should have won it because of his 1.87 ERA, not Clemens' fault he had no run support.


Mariotti: BUY, Carpenter had a better WHIP, more K's, and Cardinals made the playoffs.


And stat boy agreed that D-Train should have won it.

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Just me being dumb, shouldn't the fact that you post superior numbers (more wins, lower ERA) on a worse team help your cause, not hurt it?


I just don't see any reasonable argument to suggest that Carpenter was the superior pitcher...


Carp gave up less hits in more innings pitched, had less walks, struck out over 40 more batters, lost five less games, held opponents to a lower batting average.....


I can see the argument that Dontrelle should win, but to say that there are no reasonable arguments for Carp to win is just plain homerism.

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