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Do we have a living, breathing curse on this website?

Guest Fritz

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I've come to the conclusion that we have a real-live curse on this site. I've gone through many a scientific experiment and have discovered a horrible correlation that can in fact be disproven, making it a valid theory. Anyway, let's look at our beloved user Jewbility/LeftyPower/LeftyCastillo. When he was Jewbility, we had our most famous Jewish user, Marlins (winner of the 2004 Most Creative User Name award), and now, after boasting of making over 200 posts in a single day, he's left us, for what may or may not be an indefinite amount of time. Perhaps he got blown up in a suicide attack, perhaps he's having sexy with Ahuva, or perhaps he's having sex with a Hoover. Next, he takes the name LeftyPower. Well, it's pretty obvious how that one went. I guess it could be applicable if Mike Jacobs develops into the lefty power hitter we all hope he's capable of being. Finally, his new name, LeftyCastillo, well, the trade winds are circling around perhaps the only player from the grand island of Hispaniola with any plate discipline and Gold Glove caliber defense. Which brings me to my point. Many of you are thinking, "Fritz, buddy, go get laid." I agree with this sentiment, HOWEVER, I must bring this issue to light as we approach the Chrismahannukwaanzikka season. Well, thank you all for your time and let's hope that LeftyPower changes his name to OsamaBinLaden or RealityTVShowPower or something of that nature.

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Guest Moneyball

Tell me he didn't change his name to what I think he changed his name to. :plain



:plain :plain :plain :plain :plain :plain :plain :plain :plain :plain :plain :plain


It couldn't have been LeftyLoriaOwnership? :rolleyes:

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