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and Samson does what?

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Just trying to figure this out...what exactly does the team President do?


the owner is essentially the money man...the GM controls player/roster movement, trades, deals so on...field manager is just that....


President? All I see him do is media stuff, interviews and so on...there has to be more than that...


thanks guys

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Unfortunately, Samson doesn't know jack shiat about baseball. That's the real problem here. The president of a baseball team needs to be a savvy businessman, but a person without an understanding of how baseball works cannot possibly be good for a team. You need to know your product very well (in all senses) to be an effective president. He doesn't know his product.


Most importantly he is Loria's most trusted advisor and employee.



That's a sign that Loria doesn't have good judgment. You don't "trust" an incompetent person - Samson doesn't know baseball and he doesn't know how to deal with, and handle, people. I have people in my family (cousins, uncles, etc.) that I trust because they're family, but I think they're incompetent overall and generally don't know what they're talking about. I wouldn't make them "trusted advisors." Shoot, I've avoided referring my friends to them. This is a business enterprise and Samson just isn't cutting it.

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