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Alex Gonzalez's Future


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I wasn't sure whether to put this here or MLB, but all he's ever been is a Marlin and he's not gone yet, so...


If the Renteria to Atlanta, Lugo to Boston, Marte to Tampa rumors are true, here's the 30 MLB SS situations:


AL East

Baltimore - Miguel Tejada

Boston - Julio Lugo

New York - Derek Jeter

Tampa Bay - B.J. Upton

Toronto - Russ Adams


AL Central

Chicago - Juan Uribe

Cleveland - Jhonny Peralta

Detroit - Carlos Guillen

Kansas City - Angel Berroa

Minnesota - Jason Bartlett


AL West

Los Angeles - Orlando Cabrera

Oakland - Bobby Crosby

Seattle - Yuniesky Betancourt

Texas - Michael Young


NL East

Atlanta - Edgar Renteria

Florida - Hanley Ramirez

New York - Jose Reyes

Philadelphia - Jimmy Rollins

Washington - Cristian Guzman


NL Central

Chicago - Ronny Cedeno

Cincinnati - Felipe Lopez

Houston - Adam Everett

Milwaukee - J.J. Hardy

Pittsburgh - Jack Wilson

St. Louis - David Eckstein


NL West

Arizona - Stephen Drew

Colorado - Clint Barmes

Los Angeles - Rafael Furcal/Cesar Izturis

San Diego - Khalil Greene

San Francisco - Omar Vizquel


So, what are his possible destinations? The only teams I see are:

Arizona - And if Drew lights up ST, Bass won't start

Chicago Cubs - You would hope they'd just let Cedeno play, but who knows with them.

Florida - 1 year deal, let Hanley further prepare, 06 SS class is awful. Unlikely.

Minnesota - I don't know how high they are on Barlett?

Washington - But they're paying Guzman so much, they almost have to let him try to fix himself.


There's a very real chance he's not starting anywhere next season.


And that sucks.


I hope Minnesota is a real option, for obvious reasons.

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I'm pretty sure that the twins are pretty high on Bartlett.


I really dont see Drew being ready to start the year since he struggled when got moved up to AA...so I wouldnt doubt seeing A-Go sign a 1 year deal with Arizona to try to boost his stock and then Drew slide into the Job in '07


And you never know about the Cubs. They gotta give Cedeno playing time but who knows.

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