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The Top American Sports Franchises


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The Marlins are ranked 53rd...


They are 11th in revenues directly from fans divided by wins in the past three years


They are 80th in ownership honesty and loyalty to players and city


These numbers are out of 91 teams...




How does that "revenues divided by wins" category work. So, to be #1 on that list, you want to earn the most revenues, but have the fewest wins? do you want to be high or low on that list? i don't understand.

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Should be ranked last in loyalty.



I agree with you, but the ones ranked below the Marlins do have a point...


The Rockies, Raptors, Devil Rays, Pirates, Royals, and Clippers have spent a lot of their time in the last few years in last place or at least nowhere near playoff contention, with little if any hope of changing that. (Further, in the case of the Devil Rays, that team has never even had a winning record for a full season in the whole history of their team.)


AZ Cardinals, I wouldn't know, because I don't follow football.


The Saints are ranked last because... well, they're obviously not playing in New Orleans this season, and their owner is basically using the disaster caused by a major hurricane to shop around for a new city to plant his team.


The Twins are ranked low because they have an owner who's made of money that he's not particularly interested in spending.


The Nationals don't have an owner.


The Nets are thinking about packing up and moving to Brooklyn.


The Dodgers are the only ones ranked low that puzzle me in particular.

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