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TNA Turning Point


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This show is going to be sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badass.


Captain Charisma Vs Monty Brown, two of the few guys who are great both in the ring and on the mic.


Abyss Vs Sabu, two of the best hardcore wrestlers in the world, in a barbed wire match.


AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe for The X Division Title, in which will surely be a match of the year canidate and will certainly steal the show.


They've been feuding for three months in a damn good feud and tonight it finally comes to a head in a match, AMW Vs Team 3D(The Dudley's) in a tables match.


Oh yeah, and some guy named Bobby "The Brain" Heenan makes his return to commentry.


It doesn't matter that the world title match is a piece of sh*t, the above makes up for that easily.

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Some spoilers, for those who don't know:




I guess Kanyon is who Admin Z is bringing in to face Raven; and Sting is TNA's big announcement- according to the Torch, he signed a 1-year deal.


I was trying to avoid those spoilers the entire day :(


Whatever, I expected Sting to be the guy, and I'll be thrilled to see Kanyon

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Early on in the match both men trade power moves including throwing themselves into the wire and dragging each other against the wire. Sabu is cut badly on his head. Sabu eventually brings in Scissors and stabs Abyss in the arm, covering it in blood. Sabu then crotches Abyss with the barbed wire Chair before slamming it across his back.


Sabu throws Abyss out of the ring and Sabu jumps over the wire onto Abyss on the outside. Abyss gains the upperhand and suplexes Sabu's chest onto the wire. Both men are back into the ring and Abyss rolls in a barbed wire table. Abyss drops Sabu face first onto the table covered in barbed wire. Abyss sets up another barbed wire table at the ring post, he lays Sabu against it, Abyss runs toward it and Sabu ducks and Abyss lands on the table as the wire is stuck in his chest, it covers his entire front as he stumbles back and Sabu hits a drop kick sending Abyss down onto the other table and Abyss is in a barbed wire table sandwich.


Sabu jumps down on the table crushing Abyss between both barbed wire tables and Sabu gets the three. Abyss is finally let go from the tables and his entire body is covered in blood. Hell of a match, as long as you have a high threshold of pain


Match Rating: 3 1/2 * out of 5

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Matt Bentley and Austin Aries Vs Alex Shelley and Roderick Strong in X Division Tag Team Action.


Some really nice action, featuring some excellent double team manuevers and psychology as Shelley and Strong double teamed Aries for most of the match.


Ending comes as Bentley throws Shelley out of the ring and delievers his superkick to strong, getting the one, two, three.


Very nice match, I wish however Strong and Shelley would have went over.


2 and 3/4 *'s


Monty Brown then cuts a killer promo talking to a lame Christian wwe doll, and then talking about how Christian will not take his spot before Jeff Jarrett comes along and has a showdown with Brown.

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Raven Vs... Mortis, eh... I mean Kanyon who comes out with a cartoon Mortis on his vest, very nice tough by Chris.


Kanyon dominates early on, with Raven taking over later as they brawl on the outside with Raven dominating.


Raven throws Kanyon down the Impact ramp before taking in a chair and throwing Kanyon onto it and then ending it with the evenflow.


2 1/2 *'s


Zybysko and Raven get into a confrontation after the match.


Fun match and a fun angle continues. I'm looking forward to how they continue this.


Team Canada(Petey Williams, A1, Bobby Roode and the dude who's name is drawing a blank right now Vs The 4 live Kru(Ron Killings, Konnan, BG James, and Billy Gunn) is next.


The only thing that makes this next match interesting is seeing Killings and Williams square off, otherwise I don't care.

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Good 8 man tag action leading up too...


Konnan turning on Billy Gunn with an awesome chair shot. Bobby Roode with the pin.


YES! Awesome turn, good match, and the hell of an angle developing.




Konnan levels BG James as I typed that, Killings is shocked, that was awesome.


Konnan hugs Killings, and he doesn't know what to do.


Awesome angle developing. 3 1\2 *'s when I factor in the angle.





Bobby Heenan is back where he belongs, the announce booth. God damn it's good to see him healthy again. His voice may not be the same but he will always be a legend. Tenay kisses up to The Brain, who responds by asking where his apperance fee is. Classic Brain.


Diamonds in The Rough(Simon Diamond, Elix Skipper, and David Young Vs Dale Torborg(aka The Demon aka The Spawn of Jeff Torborg), Sonjay Dutt(aka God), and Chris Sabin with Aj Pierzynski.

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They limited Dale Torborg's participation in this match, which was god send.


End comes as Pierzynski slams homeplate given to him by Damon over Diamond's head leading up to Sabin

s cradle Bomb and Sonjay's moonsault for the win.


I can't honestly try to recap some of the spots performed by Sonjay and Sabin, they were simple jaw dropping. These two are absolutely amazing together.


3 3/4 *'s

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Christian Vs Monty Brown


Brown dominates early with Christian eventually getting the upperhand with some real nice action in between. Christian then rips the padding off of one of the ring turnbuckles. Christian then goes up top for the frog splash and he hits. An "Eddie" chant starts up, Monty Brown then gets the upperhand again and hits The Alpha Bomb(Power Bomb) but Christian just gets out. Monty then goes for an Irish Whip into the exposed turnbuckle but Christian reverses and Brown hits the turnbuckle and walks right into an unprettier for the 1, 2, 3.


Christian is the new # 1 contender for the NWA World Title.


3 1/2 *'s


Team 3D Vs America's Most Wanted is next

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Team 3D elimnates Storm via a Death Sentence onto the table


Team 3D eliminates Harris on top of the Impact Ramp via a 3D.


I was really looking forward to this match and I have to say I was really disappointed. I don't know, the match never really flowed, maybe it was the fact that a tables match has been so watered down from the wwe and what not.


The match was nothing special in my opinion. 2 1/4 *'s


Match of the Night is next, it should be the main event because I really don't need to end my night with Jarrett as world champion.

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Excellent, Excellent match thus far. AJ is playing a great underdog as Joe is dominating him with stiff moves ahoy. AJ finally gets Joe off of him as Joe is thrown over the ropes.


AJ with an amazing Foxberry Flop over the ropes, awesome match thus far. As I speak AJ with a great springboard onto Joe.


Just as AJ is gaining momentum Joe clotheslines AJ inside out and Joe with a double underhook powrerbomb. AJ is fighting back but Joe is still in control. Joe with a big slap to AJ's back but AJ comes right back with a Pele. AJ puts Joe on the ropes and goes for a muscle buster but can't get it, Joe goes for it but can't get it. Both men fall off the turnbuckle and AJ puts it into a STYLES CLASH


One... Two...




AJ then goes for a pin but Joe reverses it right into a cocina clutch and AJ is going for the ropes, he's almost there...



Not enough, he's out


Joe wins, simply amazing match 4 3/4 stars


Joe then clocks AJ with the belt after the match and goes for a muscle buster, he's about to hit it...




CHris comes out and goes right for Joe but Joe overpowers him and leaves Daniels and Styles down in the ring.


This angle is the angle of the year... PERIOD.


For anyone who wants to give crap for TNA for no other reason than to be an elitiest pro wwe a-hole, really needed to see this match and then say what they will about TNA.

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Jarrett Vs Rhino was suprisingly great. Two great spots with Jarret throwing Rhino off scaffolding onto a table and Rhino then goreing Jarrett through a table into the Impact tunnel.


A bunch of near falls and Jarrett finally wins with the stroke off the top onto two chairs.


He celebrates in the ring when the lights go out and a string promo hits and as the lights turn on, a chair is in the ring with the trench coat and bat leaning up against it.


Sting is coming for Jarrett.


He doesn't show up which is disappointing but I'm looking forward to seeing him again.

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