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RAW 12/12


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Angle v.s Flair was disappointing- I'm really starting to see Flair show his age now....The post-match stuff was kind of strange, but I guess "whatever it takes to get Cena over as a face" seems to be the credo....I was disappointed in the follow-up to the Edge/Hayes confrontation last week. I also thought Flair would do something more dramatic after being insulted last week than just walk out for a match like nothing happened....


Shelton's segment with HBK backstage actually wasn't too bad....The Shelton/Carlito match was decent....That chokeslam-into-a-DDT in the Michaels/Big Show match was pretty sweet....At least Masters/Viscera was short....I actually liked the Matt Striker segment- surprised at the amount of heat it got. I thought it'd be a cheesy teaching segment instead of getting into politics again....Mickie/Victoria was all-right....


Triple H/Kane was kinda slow, and the finish sure surprised me....Cena/Daivari was pretty entertaining, actually. At least this was a DIFFERENT "Cena beats the odds" match.

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