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The following is based on a true story.





A seemingly innocent young man, in search of something greater in life...


Lefty Willis was just an ordinary college student, maintaining a part time job at the local pizzeria. He studied, partied, and did everything that someone his age might do. His friends admired him and his family adored him. He was certainly on his way to a successful future.


But Lefty wasn't satisfied...


Lefty wanted more...


And on one fateful night, his life would forever change...





Admin: Hey Lefty, have you ever heard of Bodog Poker?


Lefty: No, is it some sort of animal?


Admin: No, silly. It's on online poker community. I go there all the time. It's a great way to win some money...










A man no more. Lefty has become...








*scary pulse*


*scary pulse*



The addiction arrives...Chanukah night...



Due to graphic scenes featuring abundant nudity and homosexual sequences, this film is not yet rated.

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