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Two interesting things (NFL dolphins)


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1st one is that the dolphins are the number 1 team in the league for sacks recorded this year. Congrats the Defensive scheme and system. The blitz have been working and this new setup is working to get pressure and help our weakened secondary. Saban always says that it starts up front for the secondary and this proves it.



Now the second, speaking of Sacks, Salsbury was on the radio a little bit ago and spoke at league with OJ about the possibility of the jets arent going to resign Abraham. He is from miami and loves it down here. Has even stated he wouldnt mind playing here.


Abraham and JT coming from the ends and switching back and forth between the 4-3 and 3-4? He is young and I personally would be interested.


If the jets did slap a franchise on him, would you trade ricky for him? They need a back and cheap cap relief and we need another impact player back.

Abraham is an impact player.

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If they franchise him you have to give up more than just Ricky. I wouldnt trade Ricky unless you get something out of this world for him. I would love to have Abraham in a Dolphins uniform but I think there are plenty of other needs that the Dolphins need.


Saban and his defensive schemes have been ridiculously awesome. I was one of the guys saying we should trade JT and Zach and try to rebuild the team through the draft picks we wouldve aquired, but I am so happy they didnt do it. Saban knew better than to trade them they still have plenty to offer. I just wish Saban wouldve been here earlier in their careers, plus Madison and Surtain wouldve been here to.

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A third kewl thing is next year Either Miami or Buffelo gets the Thanksgiving Game against detriot :) They are the only 2 AFC teams to play away games at Detriot. They are expecting it to be miami.


So next year we at least get 1 spotlight game. Unlike this year.



I think next year we will get at least two spotlight games, maybe three (including the Thanksgiving game)

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One other thing to consider the jets are projected to be 27 Million over the salary cap. Hence Law and Abraham are most likely gone.


If we could pick those two in FA (We are 28 Million Under the cap :dances:)




Abraham LE

Carter DT

Wright DT



OLB Crowder

MLB Zach

OLB Spragan (FA/Draft pickup)


Law CB (FA)

Poole CB (FA)

Daniels FS

Shulters SS



Carter DE

Trayler/Wright DT/NT

Roth DE


Zach MLB

Crowder MLB

Abraham OLB


Law CB

Poole CB

Daniels FS

Shulters SS



That is one heck of a defensive lineup there and we should still be under the cap.



My concerns and beliefs for miami next year should be the follow.

Ask Jason Taylor to restructure his contract to more cap friendly (he makes 11 million next year)

Ask Zach to do the same (big time numbers but can still get paid more cap friendly)


Reggie Howard goes bye bye

Tebucky Jones goes away also

Junior Seau goes away :(

Eddie Moore is a bust and is cut

David Boston is let go

Seth McKinney is let go (FA could get compensation pick)

Stocker McDougle goes away

Madison restructures or is traded/cut ( he gets like 7 million)

Jeno James needs to restructure (makes like 9 million lol not worth it)

Olindo needs to restructure


If all that happens could have over 30 to play with. Either way we have more money then anyone else in football to work with :)


Signing Law and Abraham wouldnt put too much of a cap hit for us then we could still pick up a C/OG (there are a few good ones out there most likely). Then pick up some more depth in other positions too.


Just my own thoughts, but I was curious of your all for it :)

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Guest ShaqandWade323

Um, what happens to Holliday in that equation, Fishfan? And Wright starting at DT? I wouldn't trust him there yet, same goes with Daniels at safety...

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daniels body and size project him more towards Free Safety as his only weakness is his up close converage. According to most sources in papers and otherwise. I could see him as depth also there and the nickel back along with madisen (if he comes back cheaply).



Holliday would be flipping into and out, depth on the defensive line is key for the team in case of injuries plus he can easily help fill in there within the 4-3 or the 3-4 with Wright as the kid grows.


Vickerson too should be back and be able to contribute some too I think to add more depth also.

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Guest ShaqandWade323

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Wright start out as an offensive lineman? Is he really good enough to start at DT? I would love to have what you suggested but in modern times, some players won't restructure their contracts, too much greed.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Wright start out as an offensive lineman? Is he really good enough to start at DT? I would love to have what you suggested but in modern times, some players won't restructure their contracts, too much greed.




I think Zach and JT will happily restructure for us. They wouldnt really be taking a cut just shifting it differently is all.


Madisen is pretty much done though sadly :( He has been better but definitely not worth number 1 pay anymore.



Vickerson was picked in the 6th round of the draft last year to be a DT he is a 320+ lb defensive tackle that got hurt in Training camps but he was doing good in the practices and preseason.


Wright is the kid that was picked up in the 5th round supplemental (why we dont have a pick then). He is the one that saban made to Cry :) He actually has a few hurry ups and also 2 sacks so far. And some solid tackles and all. He looks like he could be turning into a solid player for the future. :) He could be a good filler in and eventually end up becoming a solid player. If he came out this year he would of been a 2nd round pick most likely coming out of USC.

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Thanksgiving game....... u kno we gonna get picked, us vs the bills the record says it all this year.....


as 4 JOhn comin down to miami?


i dunno, and Kevin Carter becoming a DT? i dont see him making much of impact on that...... the DT's job is stopping teh run, Kevin Carter is more of a sack type person......


Manny Wright should be good enough to start, Vonnie Holliday has been amazing this year.... i kno alot people didnt xpect him to play the way he has this year......


TY Law would be nice, but Will Poole is commin back... i dunno there are to many ?'s and none these ?'s can be actually addressed until draft day or Free AGent signins are made.....


wha we do need is....


1 Pro Bowl Ofensive Line Men......


1 REAL #1 WR who doesnt drop an average of 5 passes a game BYE BYE BOOKER


a QB, dunno who it's gonna be, but ill be shocked to GUS starting again next year..... u all allready kno all the qb's the media has commin down to miami....... Draft and Free agent wise.......




front 4 all i can think of is, Traylor does he come back next year or not, Kevin carter is he getting up there in age?


SPragan, he aint Good, he aint bad..... we can and should upgarde him, but its not a must...... not evrey1 is lucky to have a Shawn Merriaman


Crowder allready took Seau's job...... i wouldnt mind getting a hard hitting SAFTY thou......

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