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Carlos Muniz


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According to the Herald:

The Marlins have offered a free agent contract to outfielder Juan Carlos Mu?iz, a six-year veteran of Cuban league play. Mu?iz has spent the past several months in Brazil, where he traveled on a Cuban visa.



Anyone know anything about this guy? :confused . Sorry if this was already posted :(


I'm interested, too. Saw nothing in the Sun-Sent' or PBPost. Hope someone can follow-up. (I assume he has defector status.)

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I am trying to look some stuff up on him via Yahoo...


All i can see is that the Marlins, DBacks, Yanks were interested in him back in June and July....


Part of an article done on june 15th..


Despite the Andy Morales disaster and the continuing struggles of Jos? Contreras, the Yankees haven't given up on Cuban ballplayers. The team reportedly will send Latin American scouting director Carlos R?os to Sao Paulo to watch pitcher Ernesto Chac?n, 29, and outfielder Juan Carlos Mu?iz, 27, work out later this month. The Diamondbacks and Marlins are also interested.


Marlins management has heard the critics who say they should place more emphasis on power (like the Oakland A's) and less on speed and defense. But general manager Admin Beinfest indicates no intention to rewrite the blueprint. ''I have no remorse about adding speed,'' he said. ``Both Juan Pierre and Luis Castillo have been terrific. Speed is important in this ballpark. I would not change the approach we took. We wanted to add more to our on-base percentage and reduce strikeouts.''

June 5, 2003 Jose Contreras (3-1) pitched 6 innings allowing 2 runs on 5 hits {link}. The Marlins are pursuing Cuban pitcher Ernesto Chacon and outfielder Juan Carlos Mu?iz who currently reside in Brazil.

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