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Non-FSN TV Schedule


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Living in Orlando, for the past 3 years I have been deprived of watching almost any Marlins games because they aired almost exclusivly on FSN. However this year, Sun Sports will air almost a 3rd of the games, I have also included other networks that will air Marlins Games this year. There are more than 50 in all! Which will help me get my fill of the Marlins this year!




Sun, 4/9 at Mets 1:10p Sun Sports

Mon, 4/24 at Cubs 7:05p ESPN

Wed, 4/26 at Cubs 2:20p WGN

Sat, 4/29 Rockies 6:05p Sun Sports



Thu, 5/11 Braves 7:05p TBS

Sat, 5/13 at Pirates 7:05p Sun Sports

Thu, 5/18 at Braves 1:05p TBS

Wed, 5/24 Cubs 1:05p WGN

Sat, 5/27 Mets 1:20p FOX

Sun, 5/28 Mets 1:05p Sun Sports



Sat, 6/3 at Rockies 8:05p Sun Sports

Sun, 6/4 at Rockies 3:05p Sun Sports

Wed, 6/14 Braves 7:05p Sun Sports

Fri, 6/16 Blue Jays 7:35p Sun Sports

Sun, 6/18 Blue Jays 1:05p Sun Sports

Wed, 6/21 at Orioles 7:05p Sun Sports

Sun, 6/25 at Yankees 1:05p Sun Sports




Sat, 7/1 Red Sox 6:05p Sun Sports

Sun, 7/2 Red Sox 1:05p Sun Sports

Tue, 7/4 at Nationals 1:05p Sun Sports

Wed, 7/5 at Nationals 7:05p Sun Sports

Sat, 7/8 at Mets 1:20p FOX

Sun, 7/9 at Mets 1:10p Sun Sports

Sat, 7/22 Pirates 6:05p Sun Sports

Sun, 7/23 Pirates 1:05p Sun Sports

Tue, 7/25 at Braves 7:35p TBS

Wed, 7/26 at Braves 7:35p TBS

Thu, 7/27 at Braves 1:05p TBS

Sat, 7/29 at Phillies 7:05p Sun Sports

Sun, 7/30 at Phillies 1:35p Sun Sports



Wed, 8/2 Mets 7:05p Sun Sports

Sat, 8/5 Dodgers 6:05p Sun Sports

Tue, 8/8 at Nationals 7:05p Sun Sports

Sat, 8/12 at Diamonds 9:40p Sun Sports

Sun, 8/13 at Diamonds 4:40p Sun Sports

Fri, 8/18 Braves 7:35p Sun Sports

Sat, 8/19 Braves 6:05p Sun Sports

Tue, 8/22 Nationals 7:05p Sun Sports

Fri, 8/25 Brewers 7:35p Sun Sports

Sun, 8/27 Brewers 1:05p Sun Sports

Tue, 8/29 at Cardinals 8:10p Sun Sports



Sun, 9/3 at Brewers 2:05p Sun Sports

Mon, 9/4 Diamondbacks 1:05 Sun Sports

Wed, 9/6 Diamondbacks 7:05p Sun Sports

Sun, 9/10 Phillies 1:05p Sun Sports

Sat, 9/16 at Braves 1:20p FOX

Sun, 9/17 at Braves 1:05p Sun Sports

Mon, 9/18 at Mets 7:10p Sun Sports

Tue, 9/19 at Mets 7:10p Sun Sports

Wed, 9/20 at Mets 7:10p Sun Sports

Fri, 9/22 at Phillies 7:05p Sun Sports

Wed, 9/27 Reds 7:05p Sun Sports

Fri, 9/29 Phillies 7:35p Sun Sports



Sun, 10/1 Phillies 1:05p Sun Sports

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