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This Road trip is the season?

Teal Shadow

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I believe this road trip will determine if the Marlins are playing in Oct. or not. LA just sweep those sorry a$$ Padres and the Cubs play NO body above .500. Leave on the field guys and good luck. GO FISH!!!


*LA next 6 games all at home against Arizona(3) and SF(3)

*Chicago next 6 games at home against the Mets(3) :( and on the road against Pitts(3)


Agree or Disagree?









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For sure. Make or break right here.


And now that I see that smiley at the end of your post, I'm glad to hear that "Everybody's Doing the Fish" is back. We were doing it a little bit on Friday night to answer the Tomahawk chop in my section and I heard that they played it last night in the ninth.

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The Cubs aren't in this race. No way two teams from the Central make it now.


LA has a pretty rough schedule to end the season with 7 games still to play against San Fran, but they're quite obviously still in it.


Anyway...I don't think this road trip is the season. It is if we go out there and stink up the join and lose all 7 games. But 3-4 might be enough if we take care of business in our final 6 games at home. You really couldn't ask for a better final games.


The Phillies, on the other hand, need to make their move NOW. They're in real trouble if they're still behind us after this trip.

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