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ok, so this isn't about T & A but.....


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this seems like a good time to tell people about this...........



In the past 2 years, I have moved 3 times. Now, the first time I moved I decided to go ahead and hook up Cable Internet (it was new and they had a good $29 deal). From what I understand, you NEED to have some type of CABLE TV service to receive Cable internet. Most people who would have cable internet will generally always have basic cable at the least right? Well, I don't watch too much tv so I signed up for limited basic service mainly so I could have the internet access. Limited basic is $9.95 for something like 15 channels which mostly consists of news and home shopping. I have requested ltd. basic and been billed for ltd. basic all 3 times I have had service.


Yet, I have never recieved Limited Basic, I get all 75 channels that people pay $39.95 for while I only pay $9.95.


So, I get full cable internet service ($40 a month) and full basic cable ($50 a month) for $50 - ($40 internet + $10 ltd. basic).


I have friends who have the same set-up as me, yet they pay over $100 a month because they asked for basic cable service (if you add HBO and stuff it will be higher).



I'm 3 for 3 on this. The first 2 times I thought I was lucky but now I'm convinced. If your just hooking up a cable internet account, try this. Hopefully you get cheap TV also. That is all.

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I finally bought firewall software after my computer was hit by msblast. But if I shut down my computer.....is the computer still vulnerable? And if so, does the firewall still protect it?

From what I understand (mind you, I have zero credibility so if I'm wrong someone please correct me) if your comp is off OR if your cable modem is off, your connection is completely blocked to the outside world. But if your comp is on and your modem is on, you are vulnerable to intrusion even if you don't have the internet up. Cable service is worth it as long as you protect yourself properly. Admin and Das can probably give you better details on how to watch your back.



A firewall works basically like a security guard, it lets in who you say to. I have Norton FW 2003 and it has helped a lot but I still have some problems from time to time. A wireless router will really help

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router is like having 2 firewalls and if you are really paranoid use a router and a fire wall. oh hell just get a Mac. lol

its not a matter of being paranoid at all. Its a matter of protecting my shiit. There are people out there that can walk through a firewall like it was a door. If you don't believe that then you deserve to get hacked

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