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Movies Forum: Points Of Emphasis


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To make the forum even more organized, efficient, and informative Admin has allowed EndLine and my idea of a separate movie forum like the TV forum to exist.


A few basic guidelines we should use to get the most out of this sub-forum:


1. Starting A Thread


Say you heard some interesting news about an upcoming film, have pictures to share, or a trailer has been released. Well instead of having a couple of threads on one subject check in the forum (search is your friend) to see if a thread for the movie has been made. If not, you may create a fresh one. Please title the thread with something informative so that everyone will know what it is. If the news is vague about the project and no title announced make a title that will give members some idea of what the film will be about (Ex: Untitled Michael Mann Project, Untitled Superman Sequel, Untitled Johnny Depp Project, etc.)


2. Link, Link, Link


It is important when posting news on a film to always post a link of where you got the article from. This eliminates questions on the credibility of the information or your own credibility. Also, try not to just post 'blind links' wrap your information in quotes and then link the full article.


3. Spoilers


When a movie has just been released in theatres and you have seen it and have come into the forum to post on the movie please be courteous to those who have not seen it by wrapping your comments in spoiler tags (Ex: [ spoiler ]Kate Bosworth is Lois Lane [ /spoiler ]). If you are on the fence about whether or not it is a spoiler go ahead and tag it just to be safe. It isn't expected or needed to put tags on a movie that has been out for a month or two or a movie from 1989. Don't feel bad for anyone spoiled by that.


Note: The Movie Review Thread is off-limits to spoiler tags. Enter at your own risk.


4. Polling


We welcome polls in the forum but with limitations. 'What's your favorite movie' polls have been done plenty of times on the board and don't need to clutter up the forum for a while. Now, a topic dealing with 'Top 5 Al Pacino Films' or 'Movies That Made You Cry' are good examples of an acceptable poll/discussion topic.


5. Disallowed Discussion


Discussion of pirated movies, pornographical films, torrents, illegal camera recordings, illegally acquired footage, bootlegged movies, etc. will not be allowed in any shape or form on the site. Any discussion or linking of that will be deleted and user can be subject to a suspension.


Feel free to contact myself or Endline on any questions dealing with this forum.

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