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Fish on BA hot list


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Cut and Paste!!!!


9. Gaby Hernandez, rhp, Marlins (High Class A Jupiter)

Despite losing two of his last three starts, Hernandez hasn't allowed an earned run since June 26, and is 1-2, 0.00 with a 16-3 strikeout-walk ratio in 20 July innings. After scuffling through April with a 6.48 ERA, Hernandez has lowered that number consistently over the last three months, down to 3.24 through 111 innings.

Brett Sinkbeil, rhp, Marlins (Low Class A Greensboro): The Missouri State product did not allow an earned run in four of his five starts at short-season Jamestown and has already been promoted to the SAL, where he debuts tonight.

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Gaby has got to be our #1 pitching prospect in the minors right now.


Id rank it...


1) Gaby

2) Jose Garcia

3) Sean West

4) Brett Sinkbeil

5) Aaron Thompson

6) Chris Volstad


But that could change a lot....I don't expect to see those guys in the pros until 2008. Jose Garcia has a chance in 2007 though....


I learned a lesson with Petit - listen to the scouts about makeup and not rely solely on ungoly K/9 and other factors. They said he was back of the rotation material and just dominating because of mechanics and great control on weaker minor league hitters. I brushed it off like bad business because Petit's AA stats make me giggle with excitement. I'm not falling into the trap again.


Now, I like Gaby a lot (and I still like Petit as who he is now), but if we are ranking these 6 - no question the top 6 prospects in our organization in some order - I just have to put Gaby 5 or 6 simply based on stuff. He seems to be a more workhorse middle of rotation guy, while the others throw fire. Maybe that makes Gaby a 'safer' pick to develop because he has to 'pitch' more then the other guys who can get away with 'throwing,' but just for me, I rank the prospects based on mostly potential versus 'sure thing' future production.


I understand wanting to put Gaby # 1, but I have to put Thompson/West/Volstad 1-3, Sinkbeil 4 (and he could start jumping the top 3 with some more exposure), Gaby 5, and Garcia 6 (because he didnt have the pump of the other ones coming into the year).


Just my two cents. I hope you're right and Volstad is the worst of the bunch, because he's going to be great. These guys would all arguably the top 1-2 SP prospects in most organizations. :)

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