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I declare War


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Their comes a time when a man can not be kept down any further, when he has to rise up and say "We're not gonna take it, no we ain't gonna take it, we're gonna take it anymore". That man was Dee Snyder




However, I must follow my supreme ruler, and rise up against the injustices of this mainly Ethiopian Voting block, that has kept me down from even getting a nomination in this year's awards. Now some would say, and somewhat correctly, stop trying to be a know it all a**hole, who thinks he's holier than thou. This would help, but it's just too hard, and therefore I have declared War on all you Voters. I have your names and you will be faced down by my Alliance, of which I shall call the The Frescata Five. Their are six members but I wanted to get a Frescata reference in and five just sounded better, therefore fear my allies


Doink, and his rag group, now you might say this throws the Six, I mentioned out of whacks. You'd be right, if Midgets counted as people :mischief . Anyway, fear them, I do








Olmec, you may remember him as the friendly talking stone on Nick's excellent program, "Legends of the hidden Temple". I remember him as a sage willing to dispense advise and life lessons. He is our Zordon, and if the Power Rangers can have a sage, so can we.






Frankenberry, and myself are in the same boat. The Man's keeping us down, and we're both delecious. However, I have a hint of sars, Frankenberry, not so much.






Ah, the Golden Girls, every Paramilitary needs muscle. Now these Woman would make seven in our group, but I'm pretty sure one of them has to be dead, and if not Bea Arthur can eat one of them making it three. It works out.


Now, we just don't have numbers. We also have whips, because we ain't walking to your house, just to kick your ass


This picture is actually me, and Admin in happier times. Always keeping me down




Weapons, you Ask?




You may ask, how is this a weapon? I assure you, when gets speed, Pap's ride there can be pretty effective.


And what would a good paramilitary group be without it's headquarters?




That my friend, is what we call the Mancave, we took a vote it passed. The Golden Girls were most adamant about that name. BTW, if you were ever curious about what happened to those gals. Their's your answer.


I could go on and scare you further, but I've got my point across. I'm a sore loser, whose bored and decided to make a lame thread with Google Pictures. I'll do it again, if you don't vote Rune in 07.

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