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Greatest Scene Ever


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So, I was at a concert last night(the Toasters), and me and my friends were hanging off on the side having a good time, and making fun of the fat girl who kept trying to skank by herself in the middle of the floor, and the Skinheads who when they got in went crazy.


So the Opener is still playing, and this fat chick is all alone on the floor, going crazy, looking like she's in a trance. She's pouring sweat, and then you see about four huge skinheads get in a group, run and charge at her and the girl literally goes flying and slides across the floor on her ass after she hits the ground. People then proceed to dance around her, while her friends try to get her off the floor.


It's a bit sick, but easily one of the best Concert experiences I've had in a long time.

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I feel bad that that's one of the best concert experiences you've had in a long time.


Thanks for the psychoanalysis. Sorry, I enjoy sick stuff like that. I guess I shouldn't be suprised, most people look at me the same way when I tell them to listen to Opie and Anthony, or Jim Norton's stuff and they look at me like I'm morally depraved.


I enjoyed myself, I got to see someone pissing me off the entire night go flying across the room, and then saw a bunch of skinhead a**holes get bitched out. It's fun, not to mention I saw one of my favorite bands, who created third wave ska for five bucks. I can't complain.

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