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  1. The Allman Brothers Band, Derek Trucks Band, Gov't Mule, Railroad Earth, Perpetual Groove, The String Cheese Incident, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Umphrey's McGee, Moe, Robert Randolph, North Mississippi Allstars, Tea Leaf Green, Jack Pearson Band, Yonder Mountain, Drive By Truckers, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, New Monsoon, Zappa Plays Zappa, Sigur Ros, Parachutes, Hot Buttered Rum, Nickel Creek, The Lee Boys, Spoon, Black Crowes, Rose Hill Drive, The Radiators, Galactic, a whole slew of punk bands I saw in high school
  2. Warning: this might melt your face off.
  3. Arrested Development Curb Your Enthusiasm Extras The Office (UK and US are both good) It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Weeds Lost Deadwood Dexter
  4. I've always contended that those that call out "Broward & Palm Beach" fans won't come to the new park, so its gloom and doom. Hellllllllooooooooooooooo those people aren't coming now anyways, :banghead and when you put the stadium 20 miles closer to people in Kendall, Cutler Ridge, Perrine and Homestead, they will easily supplant the Broward & Palm Beach numbers, and add more. Screw them up there. They had their chance and blew it by not going to Marlins games. It seems the Panthers (who only had success while in downtown Miami BTW) moved to West Broward, you never hear about how they have "abandoned their fan base", those of us in Miami-Dade who went to the games. Its tit-4-tat. Broward can have the Panthers, I'd rather have the Marlins anyday. :thumbup Is that right?? 3 or 4 years AFTER the new pond is in place, when the new stadium smell has worn off, then what will be the new and improved excuses for the low attendance?? Start compiling a list now. You are going to need it. As usual you try your best to subvert the real point in my post. That is the people in Broward & Palm Beach counties have failed to attend the games in great numbers, when the stadium is closer to them. The fact if the attendace does or doesn't go up when the new stadium is built will then be on Miami-Dade citizens, but it won't change the fact that the Broward & PB folks didn't go to the games when they had the chance, and shouldn't b*tch about the stadium being built further south. Its their own damn fault. :whistle Out of curiosity, how do you know which parts of South Florida fans are coming to games from "in great numbers"?
  5. Lee

    What's your job?

    Ha, Zvyagintsev didn't have his script finished until the week before his segment was scheduled to be shot. We had to secure locations for his bit only two days in advance. I did a lot of walking around Long Island City (Queens) in those two days.
  6. Lee


    I did fairly well in college, but I don't think I learned anything that useful in my classes. Looking back, I wish I had paid more attention in the gen ed classes I took just so I could have more knowledge about random things. My degree is in telecommunications, which I only majored in because it was the closest thing UF had to a film program, and I minored in English. That stuff isn't helping me out much right now. College is definitely "worth it" though in the sense that it's a buffer zone between childhood and the real world. I learned to live on my own, make adult friendships and make connections. Plus, the debauchery. Man, I miss college.
  7. Lee

    What's your job?

    Currently I'm working freelance in film. Work isn't too steady right now. March through May, I worked in the locations department for the film "New York, I Love You" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0808399/ Before that I worked on a much smaller independent film as the boom operator/sound mixer. Since then I've worked a few short gigs as a production assistant. One of those gigs might lead to a full time job as a Final Cut Pro video editor at Grandparents.com, a website that targets, you guessed it, grandparents. If that works out, I'll get to go work as a PA for a shoot on an Alaskan cruise in August.
  8. Man, that was awesome.
  9. Seriously, what a play by Cantu. Game over if not for that play. Jesus. Gregg can go to hell.
  10. I was chopping off my body parts during that last inning. holy damn god Now I can't walk.
  11. My friend took some pics. If I get them in a timely manner, I will post them.
  12. Great game, I was there tonight and it was a blast.
  13. I was at the game tonight. Most of the Mets fans were very pleasant. It was surprisingly easy for two of my Marlins friends and I to rival the Let's Go Mets chants with our own Let's Go Marlins chants. In fact, in our section, the Mets chants didn't even occur unless we first started with the Marlins chants.
  14. Lee


    Life is just a series of peaks and troughs. And you don't know whether you're in a trough until you're climbing out, or on a peak until you're coming down. And that's it, you know, you never know what's round the corner. But it's all good, you know. "If you want the rainbow, you've got to put up with the rain." Do you know which "philosopher" said that? Dolly Parton! And people say she's just a big pair of tits. -David Brent, The Office
  15. Lee

    Celebrity Deaths

    Anthony Minghella died today.
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