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Lilly and Gibbons get into argument


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Gibbons and Lilly get into argument

August 21, 2006


TORONTO (AP) -- Blue Jays manager John Gibbons and pitcher Ted Lilly got into an argument -- and possibly a fight -- after Gibbons removed the pitcher from Monday night's game against the Oakland Athletics.


Gibbons argued with Lilly on the mound and later in the tunnel leading to the clubhouse after the pitcher left the game. A team trainer and a few players raced down the stairs of the tunnel after Gibbons followed Lilly. A television camera later showed Gibbons with a bloody nose.


Toronto took an 8-0 lead before Lilly allowed seven runs in the third.


Gibbons challenged infielder Shea Hillenbrand to a fight in July after Hillenbrand wrote on the clubhouse bulletin board that the "ship was sinking." The Blue Jays designated Hillenbrand for assignment during the game and later traded him to San Francisco.





More will be revealed I guess, but if Gibbons has a bloody nose, Lilly must have popped him one...

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We knew Shea Hillenbrand was not the nicest guy in the world, but it proves to you that both players did nothing to provoke Gibbons to challenge them to a fight.


you can't trash a player's performance if he's giving it his all. Sometimes pitchers struggle with a big lead. Stuff like that happens.


Glad to see Gibbons with a bloody nose. It sounds well deserved.

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