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College Football Best Bets Week 2

Guest FishFanInPA

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Guest FishFanInPA

Well we went 5-1-1 last week so let's try and press our luck. I'm gonna give my top 5 plays and some games we're considering....


Top 5

1) Northern Illinois -15 vs. Ohio -- Northern Illinois did the best they could put into the situation they were. Needless to say their gonna be fired up at home and Wolfe may run forever. Ohio's D is not as stout and their offense is non-existent.....


2) Wyoming +9 @ UVA -- I don't love this pick but I'm leery about the Cavaliers...They may win but this point spread is a little fishy...How can they say that UVA is 6 points better then Wyoming after their respective results. UVA's record at home is stellar but I really think this is closer then the experts think. Last year UVA barely beat WMU in their home opener.


3) Indiana -3.5 @ Ball State -- Ramp has given me his 10,000 star approval on this and I tend to agree. The talent disparity in IU's offense vs. BSU's defense is pretty big. I can see this being high scoring and a shootout. I'm mildly concerned about the half point.


4) California -8 vs. Minnesota -- Same situation as NIU. Gotta believe California's gonna be pissed and that trip for Minnesota is never easy. I've never been a believer in the Golden Gophers in a big game.


5) Air Force +20 @ Tennessee -- I know I praised the Vols last week and I'm not sayin their gonna lose but look at a couple of things.....Air Force hasnt played yet and has that quirky offense which you really need to work at....Tennessee letdown after last week especially with all the hype that Cal got.....I think Air Force just plays with them despite the lack of athleticism.


Games I'm lookin at but not sure of

Nevada +14.5 @ Arizona State -- That offense can do a lot of good things...but how about on the road??

Florida -23 vs. UCF -- UCF is a step up in talent and can hang with Florida but for how long?

UNC +14 vs. Va Tech -- Desperation makes teams do some things they don't normally do. Tech's got a lot of youth and it's their first road game. Their either gonna lose a toughie or blow out UNC.


Oh....and for those wondering....I kinda Like Temple +40 only because you know Louisville is gonna get those starters out relatively quickly and maybe Temple can score a TD or two.

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the landman picks of the week are:



Texas Tech to cover 7 against UTEP


Tennessee to cover 20 against Air Force


Auburn to cover 20.5 against Mississippi State


Michigan to cover 28 agaisnt Central Michigan ( I think thats the team)


Iowa to cover 19 against Syracuse.


I might throw together another game or two just for my own personal amusement later.

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simply listen to ramp's blind loyalty.


yea, because it's somehow my fault that IU's top 2 QBs were knocked out :thumbup

You won, who gives a damn if you covered.


I can't say that about my team, and I sure as hell know PA can't say it about his team.

Not only did we win, but we may have found a new QB. Even with Blake Powers being a legit top 20 qb in the country, RS freshmen Kellen Lewis came on and ran/passed all over Ball State. I havent seen someone tear up a defense like that(and being down 23-7) since Randle El. And yes I know it was Ball State... so suck it.


Ill take our 2-0 record to start things off.

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