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Just Cause


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So, I finally got my free 360 in the mail after winning it about 6 months ago. I got rid of Kameo, Proect Gotham Racing 3 and kept Fight Night. I also picked up NCAA (I have NO idea why now) and plan on getting Table Tennis and Madden.


That being said, I've seen previews for Just Cause and am REALLY intrigued. I was really fired up about the upcoming Rockstar Bully game, but after seeing these pretty new graphics I'm not sure I can go back and will probably wait for reviews and a strady price drop to get that title at a later time.


But, this new game: Just Cause, I'm intrigued by.


Yes, it's a GTA clone, but with more of a stunt element. I have yet to play the demo (still on the fence on downloading it as of right now), but I've watched all the videos and it looks like a really fun pick-up. Essentially the player lands on an island with five major groups in-fighting and it's his job to destroy them all so the CIA can move in and take over. The major way the player gets around, obviously, is by stealing vehicles, etc. However, the player can grapple onto moving vehicles, as well as launch out a parasail to slow descent while looking for other vehicles to grapple. In a game where a large percentage of vehicles are air-based (f-16s, helicopters, etc.) this is a good thing to have. Especially since the player can shoot while parasailing from above.


So, anyone else got any info or interested in this game. Oh, and I forgot to mention it's not just a 360 title but is also coming out on PS2 and the like.

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