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Angry professor


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No way thats real.


I definitely believe it is. The only thing is that this kid is just sitting with a camera in the middle of class??

Bingo, camera man panned over to the kid with the phone and waited for it to happen, he throws it down, and then the camera follows the teacher back. No one would really do that.


If the class was being filmed it would not have panned to the student before the professor moved over there. Plus, the teacher isn't really saying anything if you listen to him and no student really has much of a reaction.



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no student really has much of a reaction.



Why should they have a reaction? I had teachers back in school that would do sh*t like that all the time when a student pissed them off and no one would react to it. Most likely, they'd just be thinking WTF and that's it. How is one supposed to react to a teacher doing something like that when it pissed him off. You don't. At least not immediately.

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