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Should I accept this trade?


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Alright, in my fantasy football pay league I was just offerd this trade.. I'm thinking about accepting it but I would love to hear what everyone thought first.


I would give up:

Atlanta Falcons Deffense


I would Recieve:

Randy Moss


The reason I am thinking about accepting: I have already got the Jaguars deffense who I have started both weeks and they have looked good. Maybe not as good as the Falcons, but they have been getting the job done. By picking up Randy that would give me incredible deepth at the reciever position(Steve Smith, Chris Chambers, Randy Moss, Laveranues Coles, Eric Moulds).. That would then allow me to package a WR or two to improve some other holes on my team(RB) where I have got Carnell Williams(Ugh), Deuce McAllister(Steal), Fred Taylor(Good 3rd option).


So what do you guys think?

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If you don't foresee yourself ever using the Atlanta D then go for it. The Jags have had a solid D for the last few years and have shown the same effort so far this year, so it is a safe gamble to say they should finish as a top 10 D. And will the #10 D be outscored that much by the #4,5,6th D? I figure at some point Oak will find a way to get Moss the ball but that might be hopeful.

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I went ahead and accepted. If it gets approved my roster will look like this.


QB: Matt Hasselbeck, Chad Pennington

RB: Carnell Williams, Deuce McAllister, Fred Taylor

WR: Steve Smith, Chris Chambers, Randy Moss, Laveranues Coles, Eric Moulds

TE: Alge Crumpler, Vernon Davis

K: John Kasay

DEF: Jacksonville Jaguars

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just made another trade to try to improve my running backs..


I Trade:

Chris Chambers

Fred Taylor


I Recieve:

Frank Gore

Keenan McCardell


I know at first glance this looks like a horrible trade, but getting Randy Moss allowed me to be able to trade one of my wide recievers. I know Chris Chambers is a great reciever, but I'm not feeling too good about this Culpepper-Chambers duo. Fred Taylor is having a good year but I think Maurice Drew will start to take alot of carries away from him. Plus he was only my #3 running back.


With so many good wide recievers, if this trade gets approved by the league, I'll probably release McCardell to handcuff Gore with Michael Robinson.

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