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NFL goes international


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Over the next 16 years all teams will play 2 games in other countries, once as the home team and once as the away team. Under the format teams lose 1 home game every 16 years.


Starting next year two games a season will be played in either Canada, Mexico or Europe. I am sure eventually they will expand and try and add other places like Japan, Australia and China.

Teams will have their bye after the game to adjust for time zone differences (if the game is in Europe).


Its not a bad idea, I wouldnt mind going to an away game in London or Berlin to see the jets.


I am sure they wont move division games.

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terrible idea......unless the team's get their bye after being overseas.



yes they would. It said the international games would take place in October because thats when most teams have byes. The teams that played overseas would get the bye week after their game, giving them two weeks to adjust.


Its worth a try. It wont effect "your" team 14 out of 16 years, whoever "your" team is. If "your" team is playing on the road vs another team (and the game is on at a 1pm) does it matter if the game is in St. Louis, Vancouver or London?

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hate it.. absolutely hate this idea..


why must the fans lose out on a home game..


no one outside of the US cares about the nfl..



I guess they're trying to change that. You can't just change a culture, though. Soccer is in the blood over there and it's played almost year-round. As for Canada and Mexico, they both have had their share of the NFL. I don't think giving them a regular season game every now and again is going to make any bit of difference.


I get the idea behind this, but I don't like it. I wish we could just send the Dolphins over there now and get it over with.

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