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Has anyone here seen the new highlights show on FSN called Final Score? It's AWESOME and so much better than Sportscenter. They actually focus on REAL sports news. Something like Chris Pronger making his first ever return to Edmonton is big news that is mentioned right away, but on Sportscenter you'd be lucky if they even made a 1 second mention of it in the last 30 seconds of the show. It's not just Yanks/Sox/TO/Garbage, they show REAL highlights and no bulls*** sports news, no lame jokes, no Linda Cohn, no Stuart Scott, it's fantastic.


Every night at 10:30 on FSN.

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Too much crap on the screen on that show. It might be better if you could actually see the highlights. My TV is small enough as it is.


(Unless I'm thinking of a different show)

I totally agree. The content discussed on the show is excellent but I feel like I am watching 400 stock tickers spinning around the screen. I only have a 20" TV in my bedroom which makes it impossible to read any of it.

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