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Silencing of War


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And blood ran forth

filling the rivers

reddening the sea


And my eyes were closed

filling with darkness

blackening the sky


And hatred speard over

filling souls with anguish

eyes with tears


And spears were raised

soldiers were armored

bodies were slain


And blood ran forth

filling the rivers

reddening the sea


Until eyes were opened.

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I just had another one come to me. I think this may very well be the first Rhyming poem I have ever done. This one came to me a little different. In the last one, I just felt the urge and started writing what came out. With this one, I could see it actually happening in my head with poetic narration.




Counting the days as I watch for light

Darkness swallows me into the night

Demons crawl and screech in delight

As I stay lying in terror and fright


The window is open and a cold breeze blows

Making me shiver, running my nose

I yearn for a place where green grass grows

But I live in a place where nobody knows


And sitting up in a cold sweat in my bed

I hear voices whispering inside of my head

They paint me pictures of a world of blood red

Telling of soon, how I will be dead


I got up and barefoot, I crossed the room

Looking out the window, seeing nothing but gloom

Down on the cobblestone, I could see my own doom

My eternal resting place, my own little tomb


The demons clawed and tried to hold me back

On me they did not wish for the rats to snack

I no longer desired to live in this shack

Where I would be tortured, as if in a rack


I shoved them off and stood on the sill

The time was now, to take my last pill

I plummeted to earth, leaving only my will

I broke on the ground and my body did spill.

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Snow Covered Orchard


Frigid air above the ground

Snow falling and cold biting

The air is still, quiet and calm

Peaceful and silent with moonlit skys


Snow crunching beneath my feet

Leaving shallow tracks

Walking out of the yard

Walking into the open world


Sidewalks slick with ice

So I walk in the streets

Cresting a hill I slip and fall

Slidding to the bottom


Getting up and dusting off

Before my eyes a fantastic orchard

It's beauty and glory are simply amazing

Something that I could not ignore


Middle of winter, it should be frozen

And even though covered in snow

Flowers bloom as if late spring

As is the grass, so fresh and healthy


As cold at it was

Here I felt warm

I took off my jacket

And I lie on the lawn


Snow falling on my face

I smile and breath

The air is so fresh and crisp

Have I found my Eden


Marveling at the stars

I become lost in wonder

And I think to myself

I have found serenity, I have found peace


And the warm went cold

And the moon went dark

And the flowers died

And the grass turned to rock


From this life

I have finally passed

But I went in peace

And that was all I could ask

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when did this site become a poetry reading?


I just write these as the come to me. And I have to be honest, this next piece I wrote doesn't even make a lot of sense to even me.




While I wonder, sleeping, crying

Born alive and slowly dying

Breathing life and breathing death

Longing for to take my last breath


And when death comes knocking on my door

I will embrace him forever more

Pondering thought, a needle in my eye

When it rains, does God cry


I take the knife and slash my wrist

Rose in hand, I clench my fist

In a pool of blood, I smile with glee

In warmth and cold, death takes me



Copyright 2006 Brad D. Grierson

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Head of Sorrow




As sorrow enters my life

I think "Why?

Why all the hate and cruelty?"


But I suck it up

And take it in stride

For mean is not my nature


I try to be nice

I try to be friendly

yet I receive only ridicule


So I laugh and pass it of

But inside, the emotions build

One day they will break


And when they do

I will snap

What happens next?


Even I do not know that answer

So I say my prayers

And ask for forgiveness


And I am at ease

Because I know I will leave it all behind

I know one day I will die

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You been having a tough time lately? Lets talk about it...


Naw, I just write this stuff as it comes to me. It's all spur of the moment stuff. Don't really think about any of it.


i submitted your second one to a poetry competition and won $50.


thanks dude.


Seriously? Cause I'm thinking I may want to collect all the stuff I write, no matter how f***ed up, and compiling them in to a book and publishing it.

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