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Hanley Ramirez on National TV


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Hanley appeared this morning on "Despierta America", a morning show on the Spanish TV Network Unision.


He was very charismatic and seemed to enjoy being there.


This is a short summary of what happend:

- He stated that he was sad when he was traded to the Marlins and he was in the Dominican Winter Leagues at the time. Juan Marichal approached him and told him that it was the best for his career and he would finally get a chance to play. That made him feel better. He started to focus on the positives.

- His number one goal going into 2006 spring training was to make the roster as the SS starter.

- He feels great in Miami, he feels like he is in the Dominican Republic with all the Latin influence.

- He usually gets to the park early and weight trains before hitting the batting cages, and he also strenght trains at the end of each game

- He understand that to keep being on top, he has to keep working hard or harder.

- He has two small kids.

- His favorite part of Despierta America is the weather report due to Jackie Guerrido My boy has great taste for woman!

- He danced regatton with Jackie for a bit, and participated on some of the other show segments.


I think he loves the camera. Hopefully the Marlins use his image more to market to the latin community.


Did anyone else had the chance to watch the show?

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