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Fantasy Football Title Thread

Guest FishFanInPA

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Guest FishFanInPA

Anyone else in their's???? I've got one tomorrow


My team -- Romo, Tiki, Westbrook, Ocho Cinco, Wayne, Stallworth, Clark, Betts, Elam, Jax D




Opponent -- Brady, Jackson, Barber, Coles, Jurevicius, Driver (9.45 pts), Crumpler, Deuce, Kasay, Eagles D



Anyone like my chances??

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I'm in mine, but it lasts two weeks...so this week is just like a set-up for the big finish.


I subbed in Favre for Brady, and the Chiefs D/ST for the Steelers. One of those worked out, the other didn't. Other than that I'm rolling with SJax, Tiki, Steve Smith, Marvelous Marvin Harrison, Colston, Witten, and Vinatieri.


My opponent has Shaun Alexander, Westbrook, Reggie Bush, Hines Ward, Plaxico, Bulger, Heap/Winslow, random defense (the Jets this week), and Kaeding.


I'm sure no one cares.

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QB Tony Romo

QB Philip Rivers

WR Torry Holt

WR Terrell Owens

RB Rudi Johnson

RB Steven Jackson

W/T Braylon Edwards

W/R Frank Gore

K Shayne Graham

DEF Baltimore


M. Muhammad

J. Garcia

S. McNair


D. McAllister

R. Bush

A. Gates

M. Barber


My Opponent:

QB Jamie Martin

QB Kurt Warner

WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh

WR Chad Johnson

RB Willie Parker

RB Maurice Jones-Drew

W/T Terry Glenn

W/R Jamal Lewis

K Nate Kaeding

DEF New England



V. Young

D. Brees

R. Wayne

Sh. Alexander

J. Jones

Re. Brown

L. Evans


I really don't expect him to start Martin at QB... but I dunno.. whaddya think?

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I won the championship in my league. It sucked though because at the end of the year, 10 of the 12 people never showed up to update their roster because they sucked. Me and the guy I played in the championship round were the only people who would update every week. It was funny the way it went from a 12 man league to a 6 man league, to a 4 man league, to a 3 man league, then a 2 man league. Oh well. Maybe next year I'll be in a league where even the bad team update.

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