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Anyone know how to take a downloaded show/movie


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Guest FlummoxedLummox

If you're using a router, you may need to forward the ports used by Azureus to your computer's IP address. Undoubtedly, there is an option in one of the setting menus of your router for "port mapping" or "port forwarding". Enter the port number or numbers you want to forward into the appropriate dialog box, then put your computer's IP address where it tells you to put it.


If the port is still not open after you do that, two things can be going on. One, you're modem may be acting as a router and assigning your router an IP address, which then in turn assigns an IP address to your computer. In that case, you will need to forward the port from your modem, to the router, then to your computer. Two, if it still doesn't work after that, your service provider might be blocking that port, so try changing the port number and repeat the steps.


This is a basic explanation of what's going on:


Here's a flow chart of how you get an internet connection to your computer:




For information to get from the internet to your computer, it travels through a pathway called a "port". Ports are identified by numbers. The only problem, though, is that your modem has only one number for each port. By forwarding a port, you're essentially telling that specific pathway to go past the modem, past the router, and find your computer.


Here's a flow chart using port# 5555 without forwarding:




Notice how the port stops at the modem. That means packets of information traveling through that port won't know where to go once it reaches your modem, but you want it to find your computer. In order for the information to find your computer, you have to tell the port where to go. To do that keep forwarding the port until it finds your computer.


Here's a flow chart forwarding port# 5555 until it reaches your computer:


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Guest FlummoxedLummox

EDIT: I realize that might not be the best explanation, but I hope it helps. On my PC, I use microTorrent instead of Azureus. I find that it uses less sytem resources than other programs. It also has a utility that will tell you if the port you're using is open.

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