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Finally, back on board!

NOLA Marlins Fan

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Y'all probably don't remember me, but I was a fish fan from afar (NOLA). Katrina came, and needless to say knocked me out of commission for a while. Anyway, glad to see the Marlins season starting up, and even better news to see a stadium FINALLY coming!


This year, I got mlb.tv, so now I can watch the Marlins games on my computer (19" monitor so I can lay down) for the first time. I won't be relegated to just watching the national tv games!

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Thanks. I got the 89.95 mlb.tv package, but I think I want to spend the extra $30 to upgrade. I saw someone commenting in another thread about better quality streaming. I want it to look like I am watching it on tv! I wonder if they'll let me just pay the difference and upgrade?

Call the customer service line and it shouldn't be a problem. Money is money, am I right?

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