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Extra categories are IP for SP and OPS for offense


Keeper league, 12 teams.. been with these guys for quite a long time so they know their stuff.




C - Barrett

1B - Berkman

2B - Barfield

3B - Crede

SS - B. Hall

DH - Co. Jackson

OF - Manny

OF - CLee

OF - Baldelli

OF - Hawpe

UT - Willingham


BN: Durham, Betemit, Iwamaru



SP - Verlander

SP - Olsen

SP - Haren

SP - Anibal

SP - Burnett

RP - Ryan

RP - Fuentes


BN: Snell, Hensley, Petit, Smith, Volstad, Armando

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Yep, my team is very vulnerable in a some categories.. mainly SB on offense, and like you said IP for SP... Ks for my SP might be a problem as well. Health could kill my pitching staff this year.



I was targeting Manny and Berkman with my first two picks (I had #9 with a bunch of 1st round talent kept).


I think if the younger guys on offense have big years like I think they can (Willingham, Jackson, Hawpe, Baldelli) and the rest have their typical years, I think my offense could stack up at most categories except SB. I really think all 4 of those guys could explode this year. Willy, Jackson and Hawpe.. if they all bring those HRs up as expected, they could all be OPS machines.

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I think you have a pretty good team. How long are you going to hold on to Volstad? He probably won't be up until the all-star break, or sept. call-ups, if that.

until his spot is needed or someone jumps out at me on the wire.. so who knows. to tell you the truth, that draft was going forEVER, i was hungover from st pattys day and i just wanted it to end.. lol


But with Adam Miller looking like a safe bet to be up at some point this year, volstad is most likely not going to last very long.

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