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Mickey Avalon


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Mickey Avalon's story:Grandparents were in Nazi concentration camps,Parents were both hippies, dad got hooked on H, Dad leaves, mom sells pot to support family, recruits mickey, mickey gets hooked on H, mom fires mickey, mickey quits H, Gets married and moves to portland while becoming an orthodox Jew, mickey gets back on H and turns to prositution to support himself, gets in good with simon rex(yea that mtv guy) starts recording funny tracks, IS THE HOTTEST THING IN HOLLYWOOD.







LA Weekly article(the must read)


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I like his music alot,he's definetly big stuff in Hollywood..He's like in the group/band type thing dyslexic speedreaders.You should listen to Dirt Nasty that guy is hella funny,him and Mickey are hilarious.They're really good friends



If you want to listen to Dirt Nasty his myspace link is






Nasty to your left,Avalon to your right







If anyone is interested btw,he'll be at the Sagamore hotel in Miami tommorow night at 10

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