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Mitre's status for Monday


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Mitre's next start up in air




MILWAUKEE -- Starting pitcher Sergio Mitre was able to push off the rubber using his injured right hamstring when he threw his between-games bullpen session Friday. But Mitre, a right-hander, still is not sure whether he will be able to make Monday's scheduled start.


The decision could come down to Monday, when the Marlins open a three-game series against the Braves in Atlanta.


''Pushing off, that's not a problem,'' Mitre said. ``I just can't run.''


Mitre was forced out of a 9-0 victory Wednesday night against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field after he got cramps in his right hamstring. He pitched four sharp innings of shutout ball to that point, striking out seven batters.


The Marlins will need an extra pitcher Tuesday for their doubleheader with the Braves. If Mitre can't go Monday, yet another pitcher would need to be called up from the minors.


Candidates include Rick Vanden Hurk, Pual Mildren and Jesus Delgado.


The Marlins already have three of their starting pitchers -- Josh Johnson, Ricky Nolasco and Anibal Sanchez -- on the disabled list.


Mitre arguably has been the Marlins' best pitcher this season, going 2-2 with a 1.74 ERA, which is among the lowest in the National League. He has struck out 38 batters in 51 2/3 innings pitched.




That must have been one hell of a "cramp."

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Sounds suspicious.



If he can pitch, but he can't really run, I don't care. It's worth the price of one automatic out on offense to have him pitching.


True that, but... since hes a grounder pitcher, he needs to move quickly to first base. i mean i wouldnt mind if he just sac bunt all the time, but this injury will greatly be a dissadvantage in defense.

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He was wearing some kind of brace and doing fielding exercises Saturday, according to the Marlins web site. There he says it is the leg he pushes off on and has some worry about that. If there is ANY question I would rather sit him for another game. Put RVH in to pitch Monday and see if Mitre is ready for one of the two games on Tuesday. Makes no sense to rush our most effective pitcher.

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