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  1. I feel like this is one of those games that if it happened to us, we'd say we gave that one away. I'll take the win regardless. Also, lol @ padres game management and the right fielder which fumbled every ball.
  2. If that wasn't a meatball, I don't know what is. Thanks.
  3. This is what happens when you have mediocre pitching. It's a long season, guys just get tired and lose their shit, specially with an overworked bullpen like ours. It's a trend with Ramos every year.
  4. No doubt. Social media apps are by nature very content heavy- constantly downloading images and videos. However, my point was that people are over exaggerating how much data this game uses. The game has a lot of flaws, this not being one of them.
  5. I'll start off by saying that as an iOS developer, I am not a big fan of how this game handles (data) persistency. I hate that every single action has to be made via network call (you can't even check your journal without checking the server first). Mobile dev 101, network calls are expensive. I believe this is the main reason why they are having so much server side issues. WITH THAT BEING SAID, checking the network logs on my phone, they have done a great job optimizing these over the network calls. Contrary to what people are saying, this game does not use that much data compared to othe
  6. I don't understand why he would even comment on this.
  7. And pass on a 50% off offer? No thanks.
  8. Anyone else starting to wish they didn't have that 5 run 50% off pizza promo... Get'n fat here...
  9. So what's the alternative? Charge $15 to download the game?
  10. What level you guys on? 18 here.
  11. This is what most microtransactions are nowadays. Clash of Clans perfected this back in the day, making 1.5M/day for a while. You can wait 6 days for a unit to update (no lie)... or you can pay $ .99 worth of arbitrary coins to update immediately.
  12. No that's not what I mean. In all the pokemon games, you have to battle a wild pokemon (with one of your pokemons) in order to weaken it and catch it. At least that's what I remember.
  13. It's really pretty basic/1 dimensional right now. Hopefully with future releases they'll improve on it. Also, I thought you were suppose to battle pokemon before you catch them... This might make the game less accessible to the casual audience though.
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