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Tony LaRussa Must Be Drinking Again


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Manager Tony La Russa said Harang should be suspended for letting the pitch (that hit Gary Benett in the head) get away. The team described the injury as a contusion to the back of the skull and La Russa said he had not been updated on Bennett's status.


"There isn't anything in baseball that I object to more," La Russa said. "Whether we hit them or they hit them, I've said it for almost as long as I've been managing: I'd suspend a guy two weeks to start with.


"A month the next time and then a season, if a major league pitcher doesn't have better command than that."

What the hell is LaRussa talking about? It was so obvious it was a mistake pitch. As soon as Harang let it go and saw it him in the head he dropped his head and kicked the mound. Ross put his hand on Benett to see if he was alright.


Then, a few innings later a Cardinals relief pitcher (Ryan Franklin I think) whizzed a pitch right by Brandon Phillips' ear hole that nearly hit Phillips in the head. The next pitch, Franklin drilled him in the ribs. I wonder if he was trying to hit Phillips? Hmmmmmm.....


La Russa is a moron.

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Hes probably just venting his frustration...alot of Cardinals fans find creative ways to do it, so I am guessing they learned the technique from their "Leader".


Alot of them are doing it this year by talking about how good the team was in 04 and 05. It is slightly surreal.

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