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just got the cd and its decent my rating would be 6 outa 10. I like a little less then half of the songs. the cd comes out in july so most of you might not have it yet. its worth buying because its just a good cd to have. plus my initials are TI...lol

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i dunno im a bit dissipointed cuz my expectaions on this album very high as the sky. I was thinking a classic like when he dropped urban legend, king was better then this.....


FAV SONG Respect this hustle and we do this....


i thought he should put some songs on that he left out...... on the album anyways


"Life of a Party" (featuring R.Kelly & Andr? 3000)

"Shawty Got a Gun" (Produced by Wyclef Jean)

"Tomorrow'll Be a Better Day" (Produced by Wyclef Jean)

"Whatever You want It To Be" (featuring Eminem) (Produced by Eminem)

"Hero" (featuring Akon)

"Goodbye My Dear" (featuring Ciara) (Produced by T.I.)

"Yeah" (featuring Lil Wayne) (Produced by Lil C)

"You're The Best" (Produced by Jermaine Dupri)

"Just The King" (Outroduction)

"Pass The Dutchie" (Produced by Wyclef Jean)

"It's OK" (Produced by Scott Storch)

"And U Know This" (featuring D-Smith) (Produced by D-Smith & Jermaine Dupri)



EM is one my fav rappers touchdown didnt do him any justice, T.I should have taken touchdown off this and put on whateva u want it to be where tip is battling slim shady.....


whaeva Kayne West Graduation comin in August and Curtis in 2 months

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