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Buehrle signs with White Sox?


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White Sox Buehrle Extension Close?


UPDATE: Readers are writing in saying 670 AM The Score in Chicago is reporting that Buehrle has signed an extension for four years and only $50MM.


In a surprising turnabout, White Sox starter Mark Buehrle is off the trading block. Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times has the exclusive - the two sides might agree on a contract extension by week's end. It's possible that Buehrle has reduced his demand from five years to four. Would 4/60 get it done? Cowley says the White Sox remain Buehrle's #1 choice for the future, by a long shot. Even over the Cardinals, apparently.


While the White Sox may lock up Buehrle, they're still looking to trade Tadahito Iguchi and Jermaine Dye. Additionally, Jose Contreras or Javier Vazquez may be shopped. In Vazquez, the Sox would still probably own the best starter on the trading block. The Astros and Braves were known to be scouting last night's White Sox-Devil Rays game.








This would mean he isnt going to mets, phillies or braves so that is nice at least.


Plus it would make willis more valuable if we decided to move him.

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4/$50 million is an absolute steal if true.


I wonder what we could offer Dontrelle longterm right now if that deal is true. Not that I'd want to, just curious how much it would take to sign him for 5 years, buying out his last year of arbitration. Would 5/45 get it done?


I'd suspect not.


'08 should see him make $8-9 and '09 $11-12 mil, then stupid free agent money...I'd be hard pressed to see him give up 3 years of free agent money for just $20-25 million.


Then again, he may not be blowing smoke when he says he likes it here.

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