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Anyone use foobar2000?


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I'd like to have some discussion about customizing and showing off your customizations.


I'm finally making the jump from iTunes to the customizable, low resource hogging goodness.


iTunes just couldn't handle my 25,000+ tracks anymore.

I have heard nothing but good things about foobar. I've always been a Winamp guy myself. I've found recently I haven't been into customizing my music player or my desktop. Not sure why. I get into weird moods like that. Right now I'm more concerned with performance.


One thing I did a long time ago was ditch iTunes. It's a real resource hog of a program and has it's limits. I've said it before in a thread that I've been using Anapod Explorer to manage my ipod. It's a really great program.


I think once I build my new computer I will get back into some of the eye candy I have always loved. One Windows hack I've always been a fan of is the uxtheme.dll theme hack to install third party themes.


Good idea for a thread, you know I could talk about this stuff all day. You should rename it "Computer Customization Thread" or something to that effect.

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Damn, I was almost counting that you were using it. :lol


I have some ideas in my head that I'd like to execute, but haven't wrapped my head around them yet. I've seen some absolutely ridiculous foobar's people have made for themselves.


Like these:







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Wow. Fox I didn't realize how customizable foobar actually was. That Aphex Twin one is sexy. Well you just convinced me to install this badboy and see if it's a valid replacement for Winamp. I really like how the tracks on the tracklist enlarge when you select them. Does foobar support all formats? I'm assuming it does FLAC b/c of the Aphex screenshot.


I will be back with my foobar setup.

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wow i didnt know how customizable it was....when i first saw this thread i looked it up and saw a couple of screenshots and thought no matter how big of a monster itunes is foobar looks like crap...nevermind ill try this tommorow


did you guys install the normal package or the full one?

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