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i dont think it should matter who the marlins face.


the fish should be studying BOTH teams in case


of course theyre probably studying the sox thoroughly since they are taking a 3 run lead deep into the game already , but the marlins should be ready mentally and physically


im sure they remember that blow out in boston and im sure they want to get back at the sox for that and dominate.


like i said the marlins need to just kno who theyre up against and theyll have a GREAT chance

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well i dont think castillo watches tape look at this:


Marlins second baseman Luis Castillo, whose no-brain-no-headaches philosophy to baseball includes always misplacing his glove between innings, never knowing the names of opposing pitchers and getting on team flights without knowing where they are headed, described his team's approach thusly: ``We always go from backward to forward.''



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Pedro cant throw his breaking balls for strikes. The only hitter who seems to know that is Giambi - who has 2 home runs tonight. If the Yanks let Pedro beat them, it will certainly be a missed opportunity and a pretty good game of smoke and mirrors by Pedro - probably the best you will see.


The Marlins, I think would fair better against Pedro because we play small ball and would force the Red Sox to play D. And we all know that is not Millar's strong suit...and I dont see Mueller charging in and making good plays to keep Pierre and Castillo off base on bunts. They will have a hard time with us - when it matters. But I hate the Red Sox, which probably means they will make it to the World Series. Either way, it will be interesting for us...

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