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Selig still hopeful Marlins will get new ballpark...

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Selig still hopeful Marlins will get new ballpark


SAN FRANCISCO -- Baseball commissioner Bud Selig remains confident a financing package will be

completed for a new Florida Marlins' ballpark despite the collapse of the latest plan in May.


"There still seems to be optimism. We're hopeful that something can be put back together," Selig

said Tuesday during a question-and-answer session before the All-Star Game.


Legislation that would have provided a $60 million subsidy was approved by the Florida House in

April, but the Senate never voted on it before its annual session ended.

In 2006, the Senate approved a bill that died in the House.


"It's, frankly, very discouraging at the moment. The commissioner is very upset about it. No one's

very happy," said Bob DuPuy, baseball's chief operating officer. "We thought the stars were aligned.

We thought that everything was in place to get that final piece.

We were very disappointed when the legislature adjourned without passing (it)."


Florida is averaging 17,821 fans at Dolphin Stadium, which is between Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

The only major league team with a lower average is the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (14,197).


"I think south Florida, with right ballpark, could be an excellent major league franchise," Selig said.

"There isn't a doubt in my mind."


Baseball remains in contact with government officials in the Miami area.


"We don't want to give up on the market," DuPuy said.


Because of the constant threat of late-afternoon rain in Miami, Major League Baseball wants a new

Marlins ballpark to have a retractable roof.


This was posted today on sportsline.com

nothing really interesting in this article, except i like to hear that its on the minds of those who matter.

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Meh, it's a tough situation and everyone knows it.


MLB can't, with a straight face, threaten relocation on such a massive media market. At the same time, negotiations won't progress without threats.


The problem is that Loria and Samson over-played their threat hand earlier with San Antonio and Vegas essentially saying "you're welcome here, but we can't/won't pay for it all." So, rock, meet hard-place.

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I really don't see relocation as an option for the Marlins. San Antonio would not solve anything; in fact, it would be worse. 1. Smaller market. 2. Two other established teams that play in Texas. 3. Texas is really not a big baseball state. Leagues may be interested in having all-star or championships held in Vegas as a neutral site; however, what owner really would want their players living in Sin City? I really do not ever see Vegas getting any pro teams. As for MLB, there really is no large market vacant. The NFL has LA as a serious threat to move to which has proved to be a good tool for owners who want to upgrade their existing stadiums because the market is open. There is no equivalent in baseball. Portland is not viable either since it is too close to the Mariners / As / and Giants markets. Also, a retractable would be a must in that city so costs would not be saved by moving there.

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