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Marlins fan base at large

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fans will only start showing up consistantly if the team's leading ina playoff run.... and if they were to make the play offs the stadium will likely be close to sold out for every game. there thousands and thousands of baseball fans in south florida; but not all are marlins fans. most are not fans of any particular team. south florida fans are fans of who ever's winning. thats pretty much it. the cuban population is pretty much 50-50 between marlins and yankee's. and if it comes down to a marlins vs yankee's the marlins get the larger percentage. i dont know what it is about the yankee's that makes so many damn cubans love them. I myself am cuban. but a 100% marlins fan. pretty ironic that the yankee's this year are similar to the marlins as far as injuries goes and records except a big difference in payroll and attendance and daily nationwide media coverage. but back to my point. south florida fans period. are bandwagon fans.... look at the superbowl. no teams from florida. but there was so many south floridians acting like diehard colts fans just because the superbowl was hosted in miami. the over exaggerated amount of people parading when both the heat and the marlins won their championships in every single street of every city and town of dade county. bandwagon fans need a team that is contending every season in order to fill up dolphin stadium. sad, but the truth.

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Ripken, how many people actually know that we're only 7.5 games out don't tell me it's gibberish! They just give up on the season too early IMO

If the Marlins make the playoffs, it will be because of the National League's mediocrity, not because of the developed talent on the team.

There is alot of talent just most of it is not ready for the next step.

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