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Steve Bartman: The Movie!


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Credit: Yahoo! News



Foul Ball Cubs Fan Inspires Hollywood Movie Idea

Thu Oct 16, 3:02 PM ET



LOS ANGELES (Reuters) -? Florida Marlin fans aren't the only ones crying foul ball, and liking it. Hollywood thinks there may a movie in the Chicago Cubs fan affair.


Revolution Studios will pay comedian Kevin James (news), star of TV series "King of Queens," to develop a film about a baseball fan who interferes with a critical play and must deal with the repercussions, a Revolution spokeswoman said on Thursday.?


The idea was inspired by the predicament faced by the Chicago Cubs fan who Tuesday night held out his hand to try and catch a foul ball at a key point in game six of the professional baseball teams playoff series against the Florida Marlins.?


The Revolution spokeswoman said any movie which eventually gets made would not be based on the specific fan or his own predicament. James will star in the film as well as develop it.


The fan's action prevented Cubs outfielder Moises Alou from catching the ball and seemed to spark a rally by the Marlins that led to their victory. On Wednesday, the Marlins won the series and the long-suffering Cubs fans hung their heads in despair.?


The Cubs have not played in baseball's World Series (news - web sites) since 1945 and have not won the coveted championship since 1908. Their lack of success has led to wild speculation of a cursed team, and Tuesday's heartbreaking loss only fueled more such talk.?


In Hollywood terms, James "pitched" his idea to Revolution and will now have to develop a story, produce a screenplay, then work on casting and production before even shooting a film. Generally speaking, movies take roughly two years from idea to movie theaters.?


Sometimes, films take a decade or more to get made, if they ever do. Sometimes the plans just strike out.




This is beyond moronic...

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Guest marlins02

i hear Michael Jackson wants to start a movie career :shifty


he can do those moves from the "Beat it video" or the "Im bad" video when the fan messes him up. and his giraffe can be Dusty


now that i would pay money for :D


dont ask me where i come up with these things

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