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2004 Free Agents


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Okay, time to play GM - Here is the short list of this off season's free agents:



Kevin Milwood, Atl., RHP, 29*

Sidney Ponson, Bal., RHP, 27*

Bartolo Colon, Mon., RHP, 29*

Livan Hernandez, S.F., RHP, 29*

Kirk Rueter, S.F., LHP, 33*

Andy Pettitte, NYY, LHP, 32*

Pedro Astacio, NYM, RHP, 34*

Randy Johnson, Ari., LHP, 41*

Danny Graves, Cin., RHP, 31*

Keith Foulke, CWS, RHP, 31*

Kelvim Escobar, Tor., RHP, 28*

Scott Sullivan, Cin., RHP, 33*

Armando Benitez, NYM, RHP, 31*

Eddie Guardado, Min., LHP, 34*

Mike Williams, Pit., RHP, 34*



Javy Lopez, Atl., C, 33*

Luis Castillo, Fla., 2B, 29*

Fernando Vina, St. L., 2B, 35*

Roberto Alomar, NYM, 2B, 38*

Craig Biggio, Hou., 2B, 38*

Miguel Tejada, Oak., SS, 28*

Rich Aurilia, S.F., SS, 33*




Jose Cruz, Tor., 0F, 30*

Vladimir Guerrero, Mon., OF, 28*

Shannon Stewart, Tor., OF, 30*

Mike Cameron, Sea., 0F, 31*

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