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Chase for the Nextel Cup


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3 races to go. Texas. Phoenix. Homestead


Going to a be photo finish between Gordon and Johnson. They've combined to win the last four races with Jimmie winning the past two.


Gordon up by 9 points right now.


Another fun topic. COT sucks. Hendrick is frustrating. It'll get better but next season is going to a miserable racing year imo.

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With the COT, the racing has gone a step down this year. And they've only run it at the tracks a mile or shorter. And Talladega which was a pretty meh race. They are driving like tanks. Not like they didn't already, but these things are going to take a year or two to get it back to the point where we are at with the current car. Putting in the COT is definitely the right move imo because they are incredibly safer, and besides being an eyesore will probably be better in the long run. The problem is that, learning everything to do with these things is going to take a while. Especially on the mile and a half race tracks. And when a team like Hendrick has the car pretty well figured out/such a good program they just flat out dominate. And while Jr will be Hendrick next year, it's really not fun when it's one team running up front time after time. It's kind of like how DEI dominated plate racing for 3-4 years. Except this will be on all the tracks.


Gibbs will struggle next year moving to Toyota (although in a few years I expect Toyota to start to compete heavily with Chevy). And I'm not entirely convinced that Stewart will be running with them next year.


It's going to be an interesting year next year storyline wise for sure just with Toyota/the open wheel guys coming over/COT/Hendrick domination, but the racing itself I think may suffer a little bit while teams continue to figure out the COT. Busch/Truck racing is where it's at right now.

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You are exactly right.


Busch racing owns right now. The Busch races are funner to watch because of the shortened length.

Most of the times the finishes are more exciting. And there is no COT is Busch




Unfortunately the COT chasis is coming to Busch in 09. :confused I love Busch racing because it's just a bunch of guys with nothing to lose going for the win. There's no settling for second. Second is the first loser in the Busch series.(to use a stupid cliche) That's why you see awesome finishes like at Las Vegas this year. Or why you see great finishes in the cup races at Daytona. Everyone wants to win that. If you wreck oh well. At least was going all out for the victory. Same with the All Star race. The only reason I'm looking forward to final few races because these two guys are running so damn well right now that finishing first is pretty much a must. Now if Gordon wrecks on the 3rd lap this weekend then Johnson can just put it into cruise control the rest of the way and vice versa. But it should be fun for sure.

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